Smart Mint Search operates completely within the sustainable, renewable, and green sectors. This provides you with a partner recruitment agency that aligns with your corporate ideals and goals. We understand your need for solid employees who are experts in their field who also possess passion for your company's ambition.

Being entirely focused in your arena allows us access to hard-to-find candidates for your jobs and gives us the expertise to accurately qualify them for the job responsibilities, growth potential, team fit, and culture fit of the specific position.

This means better representation of your company to potential candidates, targeted matches to your job openings, and a deeper explanation of how the located individuals relate to your overall mission and how they can fit into your corporate family.

Our Approach
The greatest innovation comes from an employee who is already an expert on the company's supply chain, logistics, customer base, etc.. An external consultant can give a big-picture view of what methods have worked for other companies in similar situations, but without hands-on experience working with the daily operations there is limited potential for new methods to be truly "new".

Understanding this, we are dedicated to providing the best candidates for your current hiring needs while keeping in mind their future potential for innovation and growth alongside your organization.

This means a better employee retention rate and greater internal productivity, potentially lowering or eliminating the need for external consultants. Our end goal is to provide long-term, fulfilled employees who are motivated to boost your company's success.

It is the individual drive of each person in your organization that is most critical to your progress, and we at Smart Mint Search will help you find those people.

Our Process
Smart Mint Search can manage as much or as little of the interviewing and hiring process as your needs require. Our capabilities cover all stages, including:

  • Consultation on building the most effective job profile; job description, title, pay-scale, etc.
  • Identification of appropriate, qualified candidate(s)
  • Detailed presentation of the candidates to your human resources department and/or hiring authorities
  • Management of the interview process; scheduling, handling unforeseen issues that may arise (including other interviews or offers), and assisting with the development of customized questions for the candidates
  • Management of the offer stage; offer presentation to the successful candidate and handling any and all negotiations
  • Post-hire follow-ups to ensure the satisfaction of both you and your new employee

We are more than happy to leverage our domain expertise to your advantage at any stage.

Employers, if you are looking for a new employee(s) or would like to discuss Smart Mint's consulting services please contact:

Robyn Cross
Managing Director, Client Relations

Phone: 647-405-9525
Email: rcross@smartmint.ca

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